Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have been here for almost 6 years..............6 wonderful, amazing, life changing years here in Mexico. Thursday. March 6 at 12:34 am I was settling in to my bed and my furniture and bed started to shake as did my house, making this awful noise. Yes it was my first and hopefully last earthquake. I didn't sleep most of that night, I think the earthquake also shook loose a lot of feelings I have been having about my life. Nothing like a real live earthquake to make you wake up your inner voice! What am I doing here? What do I want for my future? Am I content in my current job? Am I happy with "me"? So many things have changed in my life in the last 6 months but I am afraid I have failed to change along with them. "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results" the definition of insanity. Sometimes I feel trapped here in Puerto Vallarta, I know that is hard for so many to believe, but when you get here it's really hard to leave. It's almost like a Vallarta is a vortex hard to escape from! The break up from my last boyfriend Jorge and the failing world economy has most likely pushed me in to this appending change. Sometimes the universe has a crazy way of forcing us to change, I guess that's just natures way of gently nudging us to our next challenge. So I have begun the process of wrapping things up to move on to the next adventure. First I sold my engagement ring yesterday, YES!!! Finally that's gone! I also discovered that my ex is now with one of the women he was cheating on me with. But you know what, that's OK with me, I have forgiven him and now feel truly like I am moving on. I deleted him from my Facebook page, I don't really need to spy on his life and see what he is up too and it just gives it more closure. I spoke to him and wished him the best. I think we were both secretly hanging on to one another just in case, but I finally put that to rest. I wished him well with his new love and asked him not to cheat on her and break her heart like he did mine. Remember, Karma can be a bitch and what goes around comes around! Yes, Jorge, even for you CABRON!!!!! Cheating and being robbed seems to be common for me, but I have learned from it. Cheated on twice, house robbed twice, don't want to see what number three would bring in either situation, moving on and moving up! I deserve better and have taken on the Sugarland song "Settlin" as my theme song! If you have not heard it listen to it!!!

I guess nothing is really an ending just the beginning of something new. I am getting more and more comfortable day by day with the impending changes. Sure I will miss Vallarta if I do in fact end up leaving, I will miss my friends here but I am very excited to see what my future will bring. Will it be easy? No of course not, I have never been though a change that has necessarily been easy but it has all made me grow and become who I am today. I have realeased it to the universe and if there is an impending change I hope I see the signs quick enough to jump on them! That's all for now, I am totally new to blogging so a lot of the time this will probably be me rambling on about life and silly thing but hopefully some of you get a kick out of it!


  1. So glad you started a blog. It will be exciting to see what your future holds...we wish you the best of luck! You are an amazing person you will be successful where ever you go in love and life. Love you lots, Mark, Michelle and Carson...and Manny, too.

  2. Chan- I am so excited that you started a blog! I have been considering starting one for some time! I look forward to reading your blogs as you decide the next steps in your life! Love you!