Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New beginnings, lots of changes.....

Hello everyone I am back! I am sitting tonight in my office, the lights off, the quiet of the night! So much has happened, so many things have changed and life goes on! I sit here tonight in the silence. I have had friends, family, my love, all kind of people close to me, glued to me for the last 3 months......tonight I sit here along and revel in the peacefulness of the still, of the quiet and of the loneliness. Family and my love are gone for now, we laughed, drank, partied, swam, watched wales, watched bowl games, ate, shared stores, worked, installed dryers, cooked, played cards, took photos, sunned on the beach, celebrated Christmas and New years, watched full moons hang over the bay, went to movies, went shopping, made jewelry, over all just enjoyed being, being with each other and being in this beautiful place.

One of my best friends here just reveled to me she is expecting a beautiful soul in August! I couldn't be happier for her and her partner! Pregnancy is such a blessing and especially for these two beautiful friends! I have grasped and accepted an important part of life in the last few weeks...........Change.......change is continuous, it is always happening. I said to Antonio the other day.... you know it never sticks around for long.........happiness, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak.......it all seems to come and go. The flow of life, everything is constantly in change.