Monday, March 9, 2009

I know those guys in the sushi place, where do I know them from??

Wow what a day! A good day that is, maybe an odd, interesting day as well. I had lots of clients drop by to see me today, I am trying to find my enthusiasm with them but in this market it is hard. As Johnny says "I am sick of being a bloody tour guide" Oh well hopefully things get better sooner than later. Almost took a pointless trip out to Bucerias, but only got to the Marina before I aborted the mission. Found out later the client never even showed for the other agent either!

Went for a pretty good workout tonight, thanks Trish for that little extra "encouragement" before we left work. I think it went something like this "you get your butt to those stairs, I mean it" hey I did, worked out for 2 hours. So if I don't show up at work tomorrow, please come and help me get out of bed becuase this body is feeling it!! Tackled those stairs 3 times tonight, most I have done in one stretch! I will take a photo of "The Stairs" so everyone knows what I am talking about. They are down on Los Muertos and they are known around Vallarta. All you have to stay is "The Stairs" and everyone knows!! If you have lived here long enough you have probably heard of them or had the pleasure of tackling them in person!

We are close to the full moon but as I was climbing the stairs to my house finishing up my work out (seems to be a theme for me, up hill battles) I saw the moon appearing from behind the mountains and it was spectacular. I ran home to grab the camera but when I went back to take the photo it was too far up! So for your viewing pleasure I am putting up a photo of the last full moon in February that I took at 4 am from my living room window! Speaking of tomorrow I think it is time for my bed!

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