Sunday, March 8, 2009

Filthy Oar?

Another weekend done and gone. What did I do with my weekend, not a whole lot! I have to apologize to my friend Kathy I didn't make it to her birthday party due to feeling a bit under the weather on Saturday. Took it pretty easy this weekend and I am surely feeling better and ready to attack this week. It looking like it certainly could shape up to be epic. I have to make good on a promise to have dinner with my friend Isahari! She is headed to Guadalajara next week to have her liver operated on once again since the cancer came back! She is up for he fight I just want to see her before€ she goes! 30 with terminal cancer, musician, living in Mexico, running a wildly successful consulting business, makes it hard for me to feel sorry for myself, she may not think so but she is an inspiration to me! This week will be full of wavering Real Estate clients, confused rental clients, dinners and pot lucks with friends and a night at the Twisted Rose for Salsa. Should be an interesting one. You know since living and working in a tourist town, it amazes me how dumb people can be and how they manage to make it through life. Seriously, when I worked in the hotel, I don't know how many lost purses, cameras, passports, and suitcases I tracked down. Just thought I would share!

I spoke to my good friend Luke tonight, he has another brilliant idea, he is leaving this week for Reno to pick up his next pet project.

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is it in all it's glory! Please if you have a name for the new floating palace, share it!! So far I hear it will have a stripper pole, Keg 'a' rator and room for "lots of fun"! Can't wait to see how this one runs it's course. Hopefully Luke can tow the thing home from Reno with no causalities! More stories coming soon, about the, shall we call it, "Filthy Oar"!? That will be it's name for the time being and the one I am voting for!!! Oh by the way, I have been promised that if I do move back to the US I can become the first mate, but I have to wear the first mates hat?? Ok whatever it takes to get out on the lake!!

I got a really nice email from a good friend tonight that I had not heard from in a long while. It always makes me feel loved to hear from this person, we have such a strong connection that neither time nor distance changes much. Thanks "B" for your kind words! Guess that's about all for tonight! Go off in to the week with hope and love in your hearts, I know it's a difficult time right now but just know that things will begin to get easier and when they are hard like the are now, take out of it what you can and learn!

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