Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adios 28~Hello 29

As my 29th birthday is quickly closing in on me, I have decided to do something for myself that is very out of character for me (details to be given later..........hehe).

I want to remind myself of my journey, why I am here, what I am here to learn and do for others. Too many times I get far too wrapped up in everyday life and forget to live my life and help others.

The higher power has done a splendid job of reminding me lately to stop and help! Every time I have been down on myself or my situation, it seems that I am presented with an opportunity to help someone less fortunate than myself. For example: Last week when my friends were visiting, we went to the bus stop, as I approached there was a man, blind, and obviously lost. I greeted him and asked where he needed to be. Come to find out, the bus had dropped him off at the wrong stop, after chatting with him for a moment, Tony and I walked him back 2 blocks to the bus stop where his sister would be picking him up for Sunday lunch. In conversation on our short 2 block walk, I found out his name was Angel and yes he was my Angel for the day! Please don't forget to help each other, especially right now, it's amazing what a small gesture like walking a blind person 2 blocks can do!

We are part of a whole that is so much bigger than anything out finite minds can grasp or understand. I have finally in my 28th year started to try and grasp this it easy, no! But try and remember to live in the present and not worry too much about the future, it will be what it will be and you will shape it with the decisions you make today!

Light and Love to all! xo

Friday, April 24, 2009


Nostalgia: The term nostalgia describes a longing for the past, often in idealized form. This statement pretty much sums up my life the last week! I have had the pleasure of having some great friends down to visit this past week! We have had such a great time, days spent swimming in the cold salty ocean, sharing stories, laughing, basking in the sun and partying till the wee hours of the morning. Along with old friends also comes the nostalgia and memories of my ex-fiance Victor. Our break-up was sudden and harsh, I spoke to him one time since that was more than two years ago. Through my friends I am remembering the good times and the good side of him. Over the last two years I have grown to learn that we all make mistakes, be them big or small we are not perfect. Is he proud of what he did, no, absolutely not, is he happy now, yes, he has a beautiful girlfriend and daughter, what he was longing for with me but I wasn't ready to give him.

I miss the good times and I have a lot to thank him for. I speak fluent Spanish much becuase of him and his family. They lovingly accepted me in to their family and with much love and patients taught me to speak their language. Unless you have moved 3000 miles from home in to a foregin culture, you will never know the lonelyness that can set in and how amazing it is to be welcomed so lovingly. Just like life, it was not all happy times, we had our shares of ups and downs but we both learned to be flexible and to understand and accept that God brought us together for a reason.

I have been working on myself and growing as a person, spiritually and working on putting everything in my past at peace and leaving it in the past. I put it out the the universe a few weeks ago that I fully forgive Victor and I wish him the best and I am moving on. I then drempt that we hugged, he turned and walked away, it was an amazing feeling. So today I decided that I would like to do it in person, to let him know that I wish him the best.

I spoke to him today and let him know that I would like to see him next week so I can tell him face to face I forgive him and wish him the best. He and I are both looking forward to the meeting and the closing of the door. This has been 2 years in the making but I finally feel at peace.

Thanks Joe and Shelly for being the catalist for this!! Have a safe trip home tomorrow, can't wait until you come back!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I asked some friends on Facebook to leave a memory

Memories, remember when you shared my daughter`s birthday one year and u organized the party and gave her a laptop, i do thank you for the awesome memory

I remember both of us talking things of the spirit at the Spa... I miss that

I remember you and my kids tubing at your grandparents place in the country.

I remember having dinner with you and a bunch of folks at La Tia Catrina and the kids were coming around to our table to sell things and you said to one little girl No gracias mi amor.... and I thought that was so sweet.....

You saved my ass senior year of college by giving our group presentation while I had an emergency appendectomy!
We always chose each other for group project because we could count on each other...kinda contradicts my other memory above! hA!

I remember the day you swam up to me at the Villa del Palmar pool and were so excited that you had just found a place to rent in Vallarta and were moving there for 6 months. A great after-college adventure that has turned into a career, many friends and a wonderful life. Thanks for taking the time to share with us that day. You are one of the serrendipities of life :-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

25 Things....

1. I was born with a condition called trigger thumb and had to have surgery when I was 4
2. I am fully bi-lingual in English my first language and Spanish
3. I lost my big front tooth on top biting into a giant Oreo at Girl Scouts when I was little
4. I miss having horses and hope to be able to have them again someday!!
5. I live in a beautiful beach town in Mexico, yet I hardly ever go the the beach, I really should change that!!
6. I hope to continue on my spiritual journey
7. I love the fact that in Mexico someone gases up my car for me
8. One person that makes me stop in my tracks is the 87 year old woman who goes around Vallarta selling her home made bread. I love her so much, every time I see and hug her I remember why I love living here.
9. I have a cat that I rescued out of the Mexican jungle, his name is Wazzu and he is my best buddy!! Maybe the fact that I buy his food has something to do with him loving me but I doubt it!
10. I was engaged once, called the wedding off 4 months before, he was cheating, then met a nice guy, then found out he was cheating I am single and finally happy for the first time in a long time!
11. My Dad got a cell phone this summer and I really enjoy being able to call him or him calling me just to chat, I really cherish our talks!!!
12. I have 2 brother to whom I am so proud to be their sister. They are smart, funny, loving people and I am glad they are in my life!!!
13. I am a migraine sufferer, they have gotten so bad that now I have to go to the hospital to control the pain sometimes!
14. I am so very excited that my brother Marcus has found a wonderful woman and partner, I am so happy that May 16th Kelsie will be my sister-in-law!!!
15. I believe that what goes around comes around, so watch how you treat people and what you do!!
16. I would love to someday have children!!!
17. I know this amazing person, amazing at business, caring, compassionate, always there for everyone, hardworking, funny, very loving, always gives me the best advice (usually makes me cry), has ALWAYS been there for me, her name is MOM! I LOVE YOU
18. I have lived in Mexico for more than 5 years !! WOW
19. I am totally fed up with my hair color and can't find anyone in this town to color it right!!!
20. I could listen to good Mariachi all night long
21. I wish I had more money in the bank than I currently do!
22. This last week has made me make some tough decisions and do a bit of soul searching, I guess things like this are just natures way of pushing us to the next task!
23. I miss all my friends from back home, I feel like I never have enough time to spend with them when I am there, but I know, they know I love and miss them much!
24. I think it's pretty cool that the guys from Vallarta Adventures saved a whale by untangling it out of a fishing net last week!
25. I am anxious to see what happens next week!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happily Exhausted!

I had a wonderful last 5 days!! Jessica my cousin came to visit and we had a very well deserved catching up after 4 almost 5 long years of not seeing each other! I will be writing about our visit this week, but for tonight I will post some photos! We had a great time but I am tired and need to recharge my batteries! Love to you all!