Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wow~Life is stranger than fiction

Ok folks I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! So I go to bed at 3 last night after making 20 bracelets. I am exhausted, hit the pillow and I am out. I am startled awake, there is a shadow in my window saying my name..............My HEART WAS POUNDING! I came to, it was my ex-boyfriend from 2 years ago who, broke my hear, stole a lot of money from me and overall made my life a wreck that took me a year to get over. Here he is in all his drunken glory. I take a minute sit up in the dark and say, what the F*%$ are you doing here and how the F#%$ did you get in here (my place is double gated and fenced, pretty hard to get into) He tells me the gate is open, so he came up. Evidently the cops were stopping people crossing the state line and giving breathalysers so he needed a place to stay. Well it isn't here honey, I sat there for a minute the just simply said, I don't need or want to help you please leave and DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN~What in the world possessed him to come here I don't know, he sure is ballsy after all he did to me!

So then I got up made sure all the doors were locked...........then I laid in bed for an hour not being able to sleep and jumping at every little noise. Finally I got to sleep, took a good 3 hour nap, now here I am again!

Off to Print my business cards, did a little tweeking since the last post, then off to Sayulita with my cutie

I am very excited to spend some time with him today. Hopefully he can behave himself and not be cranky becuase no cranky allowed today. After the week I had last week..........I will leave cranky people in Sayulita to catch the bus home!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I apologize, I have sat down half a dozen times to blog and never finish before my ADD gets the best of me and I move on to another project! Today consisted of meeting clients all morning, running errands to Office Depot and Costco. Then home to clean the house, spray paint my "C" with chalk board paint

laundry, fixing a leaky pipe in the laundry room, answering emails. I am supposed to be out on the town right now with my girls but at the last minute things didn't work out for a number of reasons so I opted out. Instead I have decided to say home and get large number of bracelets done as I have to have inventory ready for Monday.

First Puerto Vallarta Art Walk of the season starts on Wednesday and I get to be in a gallery! I am very very excited and so thankful to my friends for supporting my work!

The end of this week ended up in the toilet, I am so freaking sick of dealing with crazy people. My client (the buyer) flew down from Canada on Thursday afternoon for a Friday closing, only to have the seller have a nervous breakdown and decide that day not to sell his house. He then proceed to lock himself in his house and not take phone calls. I am a little beside myself about the situation and not sure where to go from here. I feel horrible for my client but who could have predicted that Mr. Seller would have a nervous breakdown 24 hours before signing. For some reason this kind of stuff seems to always happen to me. On top of it all this means that after 4 months of work..........I don't get paid.......super shitty! One of the reasons I am home on a Saturday night working and not out on the town.

I didn't see much of my boyfriend this week as we have both been really busy, so I thouht maybe tonight we could have a quiet dinner and hang out, but he had other plans. he is at someones house party tonight, he assures he will be in tip top shape to go to Sayulita in the morning to spend the day at the beach. We shall see! I am up bright and early to print business cards.

Things are coming together slowly but coming together none the less!!! Thanks so all my new wonderful clients who purchased pieces from me last week! I hope you are throughly enjoying them!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Lazy Sunday!

The title of this blog sums it up completely! We rolled in this morning at 5 am (I am far too old to keep doing this, but we have so much fun! My feet were absolutely screaming at me when we got home, but my shoes sure were cute! I got these great Coach shoes at Nordstrom Rack when I was home

...they had been 175 I got them for 50, I know!!!! So I had to rock them at the white party and then dance in them all night, not a good thing to do if it is your maiden voyage in said shoes.

So needless to say today has been very lazy........I feel guilty that I have not left the house or really done anything except cat nap and watch movies! It's actually a good thing I didn't leave the house as today was the 2010 Puerto Vallarta PATCO Triathlon Pan American Championships. So roads were closed and traffic was a nightmare! I can't imagine swimming, biking and running in this heat!! Yikes, congrats to all the finishers~

Here are a few pics from the last few days, the view from the condo that my friends are renting, sunset and a sneak peek at some Jewels..............

Happy Sunday from the land of the sunshine!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am back!

Well, that was fun wasn't it!? I am now back in my beloved PV after a month spent in the wonderful Pacific Northwest with my family and friend! We had such a great time! The weather was SPECTACULAR (despite a few cold and rainy days) I had such a great time and feel so fortunate to be able to have spent that time at home.

Now back to the daily grind in the tropics. My patients has only been tested a few times when I decided that I would get gas, or go to Home Depot, or drive my car..............I tell you, there are so many things I love about Mexico but so many things that push my patients to the absolute max/breaking point!

I have friends in town this week from Rosarito Beach, they rented this amazing 4 bed condo overlooking the bay, you walk out the slider and into the's pretty sweet........Photos up later!

I have spent the majority of today cleaning, doing laundry, and working on jewelry.............

speaking of having my patients tested. I got up, had some cereal then got down and dirty and started cleaning. I got the house clean, 1 load of laundry from last night off the line folded, another load washed and hung up (yes people it's true it's 2010 and I still don't have a dryer.........). So I am getting ready to start pounding away on silverware when I see a huge cloud of dust then see the cloud of dust coming in the living room windows. I went screeching out front and the construction workers up above on the 3rd floor were dumbing buckets of over the railing and it was all coming in my house and down my breeze way (where all my wet clean clothes were hanging....................So much for a clean house and clean clothes!

Tonight I am going out with the girls to a white party, then I am sure if history is an indicator..........we will end up out on the town all night! Antonio is still in Morelos working on stuff there. He will be back on Monday, it's been a long 6 weeks just getting to see each other for 72 hours total~

That's about all for now, I can't wait to get some pics up of my projects and share with you all my great news and plans for the winter! Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend!!!

Saludos from the land of the sunshine!!!!