Friday, March 13, 2009

Facing deportation is never fun!

Hello, hello, hello! Wow where to start with tonight's blog.....I would have written sooner but I was very busy being detained by Mexican Immigration authorities. Yes, on Tuesday, my old boss decided that he has a personal vendetta against me and my co-workers. He lovingly sent the immigration authorities to our office to detain and investigate us for allegedly being involved in illicit acts in Mexico. After 6 hours of being detained and lots of paperwork, we walked out of the immigration office with some good new friends and our FM3 work visas on the fast track to being done. I am upset with him to say the least, throughout this whole company split up ordeal I have kept neutral and taken the high road. Careful not to say anything about him and now he turns around and stabs us all in the back, well I am not going to be quiet anymore, I am going to let everyone know what a spineless coward he is. I love how he covers it with the holyier than thou shit, God blessing everyone! HA, yeah right! I have truly come to the conclusion that he is mentally ill, he tried to have us deported on false accusations for God sakes, the man is sick and I hope he gets some help!

Well the Peso came back a bit today, guess the small rise of the stock market had an effect. I am sure that it will dive again next week as Chicken Little continues to run around yelling "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". I am once again trying to stay positive but its hard.

I taked to my brother Gavin on the phone for over an hour tonight and we talked about a lot of different topics but most of all how hard it is to find a job right now. He expressed that he felt a bit like he has "failure to launch" (which by the way might be the name of his new blog coming soon!! Can't wait to read it Gav) becasue he has graduated and has moved back in with our folks. I just told him be really thankful that we have such wonderful parents that allow us to move back in when we need it, I guess that is what family is all about. I am not a bit worried about him, he is a super smart individual and is studing and preparing for the boarder patrol exam. He is excited about the prospect of becoming a boarder patrol agent. I know how he feels and I reminded him tonight that after I graduated college I moved back in with the folks too, to prepare for my move to Mexico. Think it made him feel a little bit better! Love ya Gav, hang in there, you have lots of success in your future, I have no doubt! How ironic, I live in a country that has so lovingly accepted me to work and live here and he is preparing to guard the US boarder against peopole trying to leave this country and get in the US for a better future!

I have been busy battling a cold and working with clients this week. Have some good prospects but never get too excited in this market, one day a buyer the next day they fall off the face of the earth! Brian, I have to apologize that I wasn't home when you called this week, we keep missing eachother, maybe next week, I hope you had a rockin time skiing!
Thats all for the evening, going to take some good cold meds and as my grandfather always said "hit the hay" I hope you all have wonderful weekends and enjoy yourselves, after all no matter what don't stop living and enjoying your life!


  1. Hang in there, your cold will be over soon and we'll be drinking beer before you know it.

  2. The bad day must have been because it was Friday the 13th...who knows...:) glad to hear you are not being deported! Love you girl!