Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am so blessed!

The title says it all, I am incredibly blessed. I just had the most amazing 2 weeks here in this magical palace with the best people on earth, my family and friends! We celebrated the beautiful wedding of my brother Marcus and his beautiful new wife Kelsie! We partied for 15 days straight! We turned this town upside down one bar at a time (even the gay bars). It's been a bit of a let down to have everyone gone, but naturally I havn't sat still yet. Work has been crazy, I feel like I will get another sale this week, and have also been contacted by my old job to maybe come back. Not sure what I will do at this point, but I did put it out to the universe that I needed to make money and some things are coming my way. This blog is short tonight as I am completely exhausted, but I want to put up a few photos! I love you all and thanks for checking in on me! More later!
Light and Love

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AM Banana Bread!

Life is challenging right now, I guess becuase I can only (or choose to)see my path one day at a time! I need to make money and support myself, but at this point and time it's difficult! I know like everything, this too shall pass! I know this is a lesson for us all to slow down and not get so wrapped up in our obsession of material things but rather to enjoy each other. I have a friend here in Puerto Vallarta, the family is not rich, in good time they barely make it with 3 teenage kids. I was talking to her yesterday and she said, well we don't have a lot but we have each other and we have been enjoying spending time together (the kids are going on 2 weeks out of school, and her husband has been cut to part time in the hotels becuase of the swine flu scare, thanks US media, we really fucking appreciate your fucking stupidity)I asked how they were financially, she said well, we have coffee, water, rice and beans so we are doing good, we can eat everyday! That pretty much put things in to perspective for me!

Very relaxing and a super chill end to a fairly heavy day. I have dubbed myself "The Ice Pack" it seems that most of my friends here have had melt downs in the last few weeks, and I seem to get the phone call in the middle of it! I am sure my time will come and I will have a lot of people to call!