Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look like Christmas!

What a long wonderful weekend!! I had a smashingly successful weekend here at the farmers market selling my jewels

Keep your fingers crossed for me that is keeps up! I spent the rest of the weekend with my cutie. Today we had a super lazy but in the end productive day. We got the house decorated

a ton of errands done and managed so squeeze a bbq dinner into the mix! He surprised me today and gave me bolt cutters........what is sweeter than a man that surprises his jewlery making girlfriend with bolt cutters!

I am pretty excited! They are used, so he took the evening to clean them up, clean the rust off them and get them in fine working order, I was able to cut some spoons today! Pretty exciting if I do say so myself! Off to bed, long week ahead!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dragging ASS!

Don't know what's come over me but I am dragging ass bad today! Feel like somebody unplugged me when I was charging my battery and my low battery light has been blinking all day! I came home early from work, took a nap then woke up with a headache! Lovely I know!

I got work this afternoon that I will have a space this Saturday at the Farmers Market again!! Yipee, very excited about that as I had a very successful kick off to the season there!! Well as I said my battery is low and I am running out of juice! Until tomorrow!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Many thoughts Monday

Good was another Monday........but a Monday with lot of decisions and new directions! Let me start out by saying that my debut at the Puerto Vallarta Old Town Farmers Market this weekend was a SMASHING success! I am so very pleased that my creations were so well received! I met so many great new folks and had such a great time selling! I hope to get invited back next week!

This weekend also brought about a lot of thought. Thought about my future, what I want, what makes me happy, what brings me down and I have decided that things in my life need to change. I need to change, I need to make decisions, I need to walk away from some things. Was this decision easy........NO, but is it necessary...... Yes. I know this, my 30th year will be a year of much growth and with that will come some growing pains. So very soon starts the journey.

On a lighter note, I had a great dinner with my bestie English friend Sarah, we went and had yummy Indian food at Casa de Tandoor, so gald to see them back open on Olas Altas after a long summer absence! The chicken curry and naan was divine!!! Yummy, thanks boys can't wait to go back!!!!

That's all for today, I am off to scope out Ebay and get some more great product to continue to make my creations!!! Cheers to all my friends in blog land~!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Mourning

Yes it's true, I managed to lose my Blackberry yesterday...........anyone who is the owner/addict of a Blackberry, Iphone, Smartphone, ect will well understand my sadness. I had my life in that thing. I am so busy at work and really don't have time for this~! The only good part about this is that I have it backed up on my as my friend Lauren from Cancun says.........Off to TelHell to get a new phone.........GRRRR so not what I wanted to do today!