Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good bye "for now" to a friend!

I have to say as I write tonight I feel like things are starting to come to an end. My friend Isahari is leaving at 4:45 am on a plane to Guadalajara, to have a failing kidney removed and half of a cancerous liver. She is the ripe old age of 30 and is no stranger to surgeries. I met her a few months back by chance while ordering a drink at a party I had been invited to. I didn't know many party goers but I now know that I was meant to go there to meet her. There are people in your life that you meet along the way that make very deep and lasting impressions on you, she is one of those people in my life. I had a coffee with her the other nigh to say goodbye and catch up on her life.

Now, on a good day most healthy people complain about this that and the other, her well.........she is on dialasis every 3rd day, running her business, playing with her band nightly at the Shearaton, how she finds the energy to do all this I have yet to know. We talked about her plans, plans for the new websites, plans for traveling, visiting family, future plans. I find it so amazing that someone who has been living with terminal cancer for 10 years is so excited about the future. She once told me that when she was diagnosed at 19, her doctor told her she had little time to live. She turned to her doctor and said "I'll let you know when I am done living." Please friends send her your prayers, light and love as she journeys once again in to another surgery and more up hill battles!!!

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