Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am going to miss you so much Ange!!!

I am back, back to my life in Puerto Vallarta. As the plane touched down today I was overcome with emotion. There are so many things in my life changing currently. I just flew in from a fun filled week up north with friends and family celebrating yet another party for Marcus and Kelsie's wedding~We had a blast and I feel so fortunate to have such amazing people in my life. I was picked up at the airport for the last time today by my bestfriend here, Andrea. Saturday morning at 8:30 she will end her journey here in Puerto Vallarta and head to Montreal to start the next phase of her life. As I sit here and write this I have tears running down my cheeks, it is rare in this life to meet people like Andrea, I am sad she is leaving but I am so very thankful that our paths crossed and we have had 6 of the most amazing life changing years together here in Puerto Vallarta. I know this isn't the end of our friendship but just the beginning of our friendship from afar. Ange I am so happy for you and you know that I want you to be happy! I think you have made a great decision to move! I will miss you like crazy, things will never be the same, we will now look forward to trips north and south to see each other and cherish the times we will have! Be safe, don't do anything I wouldn't do (leaves things pretty wide open). Remember if you are going to take a taxi to a banda concert in the middle of the night drinking a bottle of red wine, duck when the beer bottles start getting thrown at your head. When you get pulled over by the police in Montreal, don't tell them you hate Canadians if he asks if you are married. I will surely miss our impromptu nights on the town (Gato Negro anyone?), our lazy days on the beach, our nights just sitting around chatting, bbq's at my house, drinking beers on the balcony, but we have our entire lives ahead of us, our futures are bright! Be safe amiga, I will miss you more than you will ever know!