Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today was a full day, a good day! As many of you know I am a busy Real Estate agent here in Puerto Vallarta! Today consisted of walking a fussy client through picking the color of her kitchen cabinets and determining what height of fence we would need for her dogs. Today was a good day, working with my partner Johnny, fully of life and such a lovely English boy! Today was a day that was hot and humid. Today the traffic was especially heavy due to the convention of national police of Mexico being held at Velas Vallarta in the Marina. Today was a day of eating dry chicken tacos for lunch because I had to get an escrow account open so couldn't get away from the desk to go any where and get a decent meal. Today was a day of sending lots of emails on different deals and Skyping my mom at least twice just so we can see each other. Most times we don't have much to say but it puts both our hearts in a happy place just to glance at each other for a few minutes even though we are 2000 miles apart in different countries. Today was a day I called my English friend Sarah to attend an open house with me. This evening was an evening where we drank lots of wine, learned about new condo projects in the Marina and met people from Macedonia. Tonight is a night where my broken AC unit decided to work and work hard! As I write this post I can hear my little Pinguino cranking away in the bedroom cooling it off so I can get a good nights sleep! Today was a good day!!!

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