Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I love how the little things make me SOOO happy! So today I was out and about showing houses in the 400 degree heat (you have to love living in Puerto Vallarta in the summer) I found a Frangipani flower tree and there was one beautiful fragrant perfect little flower just waiting for me.

I had shown this particular house before a few months back to my clients, actually the same clients we returned with today. I remembered that this property had several of thise wonderfully beautiful flowering plants. So I picked the Frang' and proceded to wear it in my hair the rest of the day! At one point I was in a meeting with a real estate developer and kept smelling this very lovely scent, I thought they had a great candle or air freshener...............turns out the Frangi hanging out in my hair above my ear was smelling up the entire room! Yum!

As some of you know I am on the quest for a person to share my apartment with me for a few months. I've spent the last 3 days meeting, interviewing and swapping text messages with possible "roomies" the one I really wanted to move in called me today and kindly let me know he is looking for something more permanent for a year or more! DARN IT! Oh well onward and up ward. Back to the reason for writing the above. So if someone is to move in, I think it is only fair we start off with a really clean house. So my friend who helps me around my place Delphi (she is such a doll I just love her, I don't know what I would do without her!!)She has spent the last 2 days at my house cleaning. Now, when I say cleaning I mean CLEANING, beds moved, closets cleaned out, pantry totally cleaned out shelves wiped and organized, all dishes taken out of cupboards and washed (I don't have a dishwasher either) refrigerator totally cleaned out (gross I hate that job)balcony scrubbed, bbq grill cleaned, laundry washed, ironed and folded.................Not sure exactly what I have done to deserve a person as kind and wonderful as her in my life but I am GRATEFUL, THANKFUL AND APPRECIATIVE FOR HER!!! When I got home I walked in to the house and started to cry, I was so happy to come home after a long (but successful day) to a sparkling clean house! I always make it a point to call Delphi after she comes to my place to thank her for doing such a great job, always want her to know how much I appreciate her!!! Tonight I called her with tears in my eyes!!! I expressed my gratitude!! So that there is why I think it's SOO great to appreciate the little things like a flower and a clean house!


  1. Good for you Chan! You deserve everything, you are such an amazing person and so inspirational for others! Keep on truckin'! Miss ya!

  2. Thank you Chantel for visit my blog, I love this flower and happy you do too. :-)
    Have a great day.