Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Week~

I just realized a few days ago that I leave for a visit back to the US in 20 days,,,,,acckkkkkkkkkk shit, I promised myself that I would get my butt in gear and not wait until the last minute to get stuff done like my last few trips. I got a lot of errands done yesterday and today, I am working on finding some cool stones for my jewelry project. Dad and I are excited to work for 3 weeks on my little project and moreover I am so excited to make some $$$. This last year has been a long dry road, a lot of anxiety over what to do..............go...........stay..............change careers? So many questions..........I stuck it out and it looks like things are getting better. Well of course they are, the day I booked my ticket to go home I got 3 sales.....isn't that how it always goes!

I am so thankful the abundance of work right now! Now back to the other reason for my trip home...........My lovely folks have bought me tickets to see Sylvia Browne Live! She is on one of her last tours and I am so very excited to get a chance to see her! See you September 9th Sylvia!


  1. Hello Chantel,

    Thanks for following me on BF, really appreciate it.

    Enjoy your trip, and take care.

    Have a lovely day.


  2. So very, very glad you are getting a well-deserved trip home and seeing Sylvia is such a bonus!! Love you!!