Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun Weekend!

Such a busy fun weekend!!! I am taking a few minutes to say hi to everyone and update you on the hip happenings here in Vallarta. It's been hot and wet, I was complaining to my friend today that all my clothes have a damp smell.........this time of year without a clothes dryer it is almost impossible to completely dry out your clothes. We have moved our Real Estate business into the "Village" as we call it. We have moved down into the old part of town 1 block from the beach and are expecting a ton of walk in business so we are super stoked about that. All furniture is moved and basically in place, now to just wait for phone, internet and the network to be set up! Lots of celebrations, birthdays, vacations, and more birthdays August is a fun Month! Only 18 days until I leave for the States, so much to get done, although I have to say I have made my list and tackle a few of the shopping projects and gotten some of the supplies~ Yipee, it's always so fun to go and see my family and be back on the farm again. Being home really makes my heart smile, although living in Puerto Vallarta and looking at the Ocean from my living room, kitchen, bedroom and terrace all make my heart smile too. Tonight I am headed out with the girls to celebrate Carmens birthday. Carmen is a dear friend I met 8 years ago my second day living in Vallarta. Many of you know how it feels to move to a new place and know no one, well Carmen was at the same party I was and was so kind and sweet to invite me into her group. We have been friends ever since and subsequently she is also in Real Estate now too! I tell ya Vallarta is a very small town! Well I better finish my house work and start getting ready, sushi dinner with a few ladies before the party tonight! YUM!!!

For your viewing pleasure a few sunset photos from last night, it was quite spectacular ~ Taken from my bedroom window!

Saludos from Puerto Vallarta!

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