Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Ramblings....

So it's another beautiful Sunday in my corner of the world! I went out last night with my good friend Deana and some others to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs........they are all from Vancouver so it's kind of a big deal!

We ended up at Garbos for a few drinks after dinner and there was the best acoustic guitar duo playing.......I was in heaven~ My morning was accompanied by a small headache!~ Needless to say I did make it to the gym got just under 3 miles ran......I swear, with the head and alcohol still in me, it was all I could get done!

Costco was a complete ZOO today...........I didn't even see it that busy during high-season. For those of you new to my blog, because I live in a resort town we have seasons here. High season here is October to May when all the snow birds are here and the hotels are packed with everyone from Canada and the US getting the heck out of the cold weather. When June rolls around we tend to slow down for a bit before the Mexican national crowd rolls in for the summer vacation season. Tends to be a big slower money wise for everyone. But if Costco today was any indication, maybe it will be a great "low" season~!

Yesterday was my last Old Town Farmers Market of the season! I am sad, I had so much fun selling my collection every Satruday~ The good news is I am now preparing a larger line for whole sale to Mexico City! Here we go, Chantel~Vintage Spoon Jewelry stay tunned for more exciting info!!

I have a movie date tonight with my favorite Danny~! We havn't gone out in so long and he is really still trying to find himself after his breakup..........he is such a wonderful person I know he will find someone great.........until then hes stuck going to the movies with me!

Hope your all having a wonderful Sunday in your corner of the world!!


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