Saturday, June 11, 2011


It was a sad day here in Coconut land........Yesterday my beloved drill press died. We had a great run together and it helped me turn out hundreds of pieces! But when you are a busy jewelry designer with a deadline coming up very soon, your drill press dying sends you into a downright PANIC! Thankfully I was able to replace it and the store actually had one in stock that was reasonably priced for Puerto Vallarta.
Yeah I know, boring to most people but I just spent on power tools what I had planned on spending on a new purse over my vacation...........'s hotter than I ever remember it being in Vallarta....last night at 12:25 am the feels like temp was 97 was down right MISERABLE. I am just not handling the heat well at all. I sure home it rains soon or surely I will go crazy! I am right now today the walking definition of a "Hot Mess"

Tonight we are headed to a birthday part for a friend of a friend at Molino Del Agua.....beautiful ocean front condos so it should be a fun evening!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!


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