Monday, June 6, 2011


So I used to run.......I ran a lot, I ran every day, some days I ran up to 10 miles. Then life got in the way and I stopped running..............for a long time. Well now thanks to Antonio (my boyfriend for those of you new to the blog) he has rallied me and I am back at it! I am in LOVE with my Nike Plus~

I was just informed today that I have passed 50 kms over 31 miles for the last month! Yay me! Little by little I am making a dent!!! 49 I will break the 50 mile mark.........Now I just need the weight to start coming off!!~!!!

Here's to many more GREAT runs at The Fit Club in Puerto Vallarta!!!


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  2. HUGE accomplishment amiga!!

    I need to look into getting me one of those. I think I am the type that if I can track my progress and visualize I'll be motivated!!! LOL!! I used to be a runner, but stopped about November and now do aerobics and weights. Running helped the tummy though so I should get back into it!!

    You look fantastic :)

  3. Wow congrats. I wish I was a runner. I have been trying to excercise as much as possible but have fallen off the wagon. Sooo need to get back on. Good luck!!