Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On a Jet Plane~

I did it, one day early in fact, I delivered my whole sale order to my distributor one day early!! I am so glad to have it done. When I delivered it, she advised me not to take too much time off, I have to have a full line ready for a store here in Puerto Vallarta first week of October and double the order I just did for Cancun in October (this trip I will be going on, Lauren, will you be around 2nd week of October??) I know it sounds a long way off but really it's not!

Today I am packed and just getting ready to shower and head to the airport! I am headed to Washington for 3 glorious weeks~I can't wait~ I will do a trunk show July 9th at Manntiques spend lots of quality time with family and have a blast shopping! Yes there are meetings in Seattle and work too......but I am looking forward to a little down time!!!!

For now, adios Puerto Vallarta, adios Mexico, stay classy and stay tunned for some blogs from Gringolandia!!!!


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