Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I asked some friends on Facebook to leave a memory

Memories, remember when you shared my daughter`s birthday one year and u organized the party and gave her a laptop, i do thank you for the awesome memory

I remember both of us talking things of the spirit at the Spa... I miss that

I remember you and my kids tubing at your grandparents place in the country.

I remember having dinner with you and a bunch of folks at La Tia Catrina and the kids were coming around to our table to sell things and you said to one little girl No gracias mi amor.... and I thought that was so sweet.....

You saved my ass senior year of college by giving our group presentation while I had an emergency appendectomy!
We always chose each other for group project because we could count on each other...kinda contradicts my other memory above! hA!

I remember the day you swam up to me at the Villa del Palmar pool and were so excited that you had just found a place to rent in Vallarta and were moving there for 6 months. A great after-college adventure that has turned into a career, many friends and a wonderful life. Thanks for taking the time to share with us that day. You are one of the serrendipities of life :-)

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  1. Good for you! you are so good about updating your blog...I need some help in this category!! Miss you Chan...