Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adios 28~Hello 29

As my 29th birthday is quickly closing in on me, I have decided to do something for myself that is very out of character for me (details to be given later..........hehe).

I want to remind myself of my journey, why I am here, what I am here to learn and do for others. Too many times I get far too wrapped up in everyday life and forget to live my life and help others.

The higher power has done a splendid job of reminding me lately to stop and help! Every time I have been down on myself or my situation, it seems that I am presented with an opportunity to help someone less fortunate than myself. For example: Last week when my friends were visiting, we went to the bus stop, as I approached there was a man, blind, and obviously lost. I greeted him and asked where he needed to be. Come to find out, the bus had dropped him off at the wrong stop, after chatting with him for a moment, Tony and I walked him back 2 blocks to the bus stop where his sister would be picking him up for Sunday lunch. In conversation on our short 2 block walk, I found out his name was Angel and yes he was my Angel for the day! Please don't forget to help each other, especially right now, it's amazing what a small gesture like walking a blind person 2 blocks can do!

We are part of a whole that is so much bigger than anything out finite minds can grasp or understand. I have finally in my 28th year started to try and grasp this it easy, no! But try and remember to live in the present and not worry too much about the future, it will be what it will be and you will shape it with the decisions you make today!

Light and Love to all! xo

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  1. Great for you, I love and look forward to your blog! It's amazing how everyday life can open your eyes to many new things :) Can't wait to hear about your 29 adventure!