Saturday, April 11, 2009

25 Things....

1. I was born with a condition called trigger thumb and had to have surgery when I was 4
2. I am fully bi-lingual in English my first language and Spanish
3. I lost my big front tooth on top biting into a giant Oreo at Girl Scouts when I was little
4. I miss having horses and hope to be able to have them again someday!!
5. I live in a beautiful beach town in Mexico, yet I hardly ever go the the beach, I really should change that!!
6. I hope to continue on my spiritual journey
7. I love the fact that in Mexico someone gases up my car for me
8. One person that makes me stop in my tracks is the 87 year old woman who goes around Vallarta selling her home made bread. I love her so much, every time I see and hug her I remember why I love living here.
9. I have a cat that I rescued out of the Mexican jungle, his name is Wazzu and he is my best buddy!! Maybe the fact that I buy his food has something to do with him loving me but I doubt it!
10. I was engaged once, called the wedding off 4 months before, he was cheating, then met a nice guy, then found out he was cheating I am single and finally happy for the first time in a long time!
11. My Dad got a cell phone this summer and I really enjoy being able to call him or him calling me just to chat, I really cherish our talks!!!
12. I have 2 brother to whom I am so proud to be their sister. They are smart, funny, loving people and I am glad they are in my life!!!
13. I am a migraine sufferer, they have gotten so bad that now I have to go to the hospital to control the pain sometimes!
14. I am so very excited that my brother Marcus has found a wonderful woman and partner, I am so happy that May 16th Kelsie will be my sister-in-law!!!
15. I believe that what goes around comes around, so watch how you treat people and what you do!!
16. I would love to someday have children!!!
17. I know this amazing person, amazing at business, caring, compassionate, always there for everyone, hardworking, funny, very loving, always gives me the best advice (usually makes me cry), has ALWAYS been there for me, her name is MOM! I LOVE YOU
18. I have lived in Mexico for more than 5 years !! WOW
19. I am totally fed up with my hair color and can't find anyone in this town to color it right!!!
20. I could listen to good Mariachi all night long
21. I wish I had more money in the bank than I currently do!
22. This last week has made me make some tough decisions and do a bit of soul searching, I guess things like this are just natures way of pushing us to the next task!
23. I miss all my friends from back home, I feel like I never have enough time to spend with them when I am there, but I know, they know I love and miss them much!
24. I think it's pretty cool that the guys from Vallarta Adventures saved a whale by untangling it out of a fishing net last week!
25. I am anxious to see what happens next week!

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