Saturday, September 17, 2011


So Danny and I went to Galerias Mall just to buy him a new Blackberry, oh yeah he got new sunglasses too!
Dannys 4 year old Blackberry was Turdtastic and well, we are all glad he got a new one. We ended up having a 2 hour sushi lunch, then went back to TelHELL because the phone wasn't receiving emails............After another 45 minutes in TelHELL we got emails rolling in! Then well we went shopping.........I got these AWESOME running pants at 70% off~~! Oh yeah baby love me some MARTI!
Danny also talked me into a beautiful chiffon purple dress from (sfera) for Polo and Maru's upcoming wedding in Toluca. I had a great dress from Banana Republic, but when I told Danny it was cotton, he almost fell down and said in a Jewish accent "Oh HONEY, cotton reeks of poverty, you must by the purple chiffon dress" So I did!

We decided since we had been at the mall for like 26 hours that we should just go ahead and stay for a movie too................. Midnight in Paris...........wait for Netfilx~

What did you all do today?

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  1. Even though you were in TelHELL for a while it doesn't match up to being stuck in an office for 8 hours on a Sunday (like me). I'm on my lunch break and wishing I was shopping for some awsome sunglasses (like Danny) to go with my new bathing suit I plan on putting to use in Mazatlan.