Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Self Employeed

So just what does this mean?? I have to say, already it has some great perks! Like I can workout with my personal trainer at 10 am instead of being in the office..........yeah that's pretty cool! I can take the day off when friends are in town to take them to the beach for lunch!! Yeah that's pretty cool too

..............But today I am a little freaked out, I feel overwhelmed and I am not sure I can do this.........how will I get inventory here? Who will bring it? Will I have to go get it? Will they make my clasps right? Can I get the right gauge of wire? Since the beginning all of the questions, fears and worries I have had, have been put to rest by everything falling into place. A lot of hard work from my side and a lot of help from a lot of people (THANK YOU TO ALL MY MULES WHO HAVE BROUGHT ME STUFF!!!) So I know that things will continue to fall into place. Just as I was wondering last week what other outlets there could be to sell my goods I got this email last night.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to trade at the new Farmers and Artisan Market of Bucerias which will take place at the Bucerias Artwalk Plaza located at 62 Lazaro Cardenas. Space is limited and we invite quality vendors who are committed to making the market a success.
The market will be promoted and sign posted. The location is already very well known. Onstreet parking is plentiful.

Time and Day: Monday mornings from 0900 to 12 noon PROMPT. First market Monday 3 October 2011. Table price $50 pesos per table/week. One table (approx 2m long) per trader. Please bring with you . Bring your own chair(s) and table & sun shade/parasol as some areas of the courtyard are not shaded. Set up MUST be complete by 0845 hrs.

This will be a great market and Mondays are the BUSIEST days on this street as tourists have arrived on Saturday and are now ready to purchase food and gifts.
We are starting at the beginning of the month of October so that we are installed and totally ready in good time.

Spaces are limited to a maximum of 25 traders.


So that's a slice of good news to wake up to this morning. Also my distributor is out and about in Guadalajara today selling our goods.......I hope. I have texted her 2 times to ask how sales are going and she hasn't answered back, not sure if this is a good or bad sign. Anyhoo...........the festivities are coming to an end, the bachelor party is over.........Antonio is still hungover......Torres is still staying with us (until we take him to the airport in 2 hours) Basically things here on the bay are moving slow..........the heat is brutal, it's humid........basically exactly as it should be in September. I Have EXACTLY 20 days until I leave for Cancun........yikes.........that is scarry considering I don't even know until the 12 th how much inventory I need to get made..........ahhh the crazy life.

That's all for now, hope you are all staying cool today!


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