Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ahh Mexico City!

I am loving the city! I love the vibe, the energy and the sheer size! For the most part people have been kind, only one small incident where a man was beating the bus window with his cane becuase the bus driver almost ran him over, I guess that's a typical day in the city. We rode the metro (Mexico City Subway) it's great during the day, you can get from one place to another in a hurry and for CHEAP .30 Cents! Yeah I know. We have made some amazing contacts and have some great new clients here. We will be coming back in November for the opening of one of the new stores that picked up our lines. I will also then be selling a line to a great store in Polanco. So lots and lots to look forward to!
We are under a pretty major hurricane warning in Puerto Vallarta today. It's creeping in on us at a category 3............I am nervous as I am not there to take care of my house, workshop or my belongings. My friend who is house sitting called yesterday and said her and her husband have it all planned out and are at my house now putting everything in the back bedroom! Yikes!

Off to the antique flea market here, can't wait to see what we will find!! To Cuernavaca tomorrow morning to pick up more clients!

How is everyone doing this weekend????

Saludos Chantel

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