Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wow~Life is stranger than fiction

Ok folks I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! So I go to bed at 3 last night after making 20 bracelets. I am exhausted, hit the pillow and I am out. I am startled awake, there is a shadow in my window saying my name..............My HEART WAS POUNDING! I came to, it was my ex-boyfriend from 2 years ago who, broke my hear, stole a lot of money from me and overall made my life a wreck that took me a year to get over. Here he is in all his drunken glory. I take a minute sit up in the dark and say, what the F*%$ are you doing here and how the F#%$ did you get in here (my place is double gated and fenced, pretty hard to get into) He tells me the gate is open, so he came up. Evidently the cops were stopping people crossing the state line and giving breathalysers so he needed a place to stay. Well it isn't here honey, I sat there for a minute the just simply said, I don't need or want to help you please leave and DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN~What in the world possessed him to come here I don't know, he sure is ballsy after all he did to me!

So then I got up made sure all the doors were locked...........then I laid in bed for an hour not being able to sleep and jumping at every little noise. Finally I got to sleep, took a good 3 hour nap, now here I am again!

Off to Print my business cards, did a little tweeking since the last post, then off to Sayulita with my cutie

I am very excited to spend some time with him today. Hopefully he can behave himself and not be cranky becuase no cranky allowed today. After the week I had last week..........I will leave cranky people in Sayulita to catch the bus home!!!

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  1. HAHAHA Chan I was just laughing out loud...too funny! Only to you..