Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I apologize, I have sat down half a dozen times to blog and never finish before my ADD gets the best of me and I move on to another project! Today consisted of meeting clients all morning, running errands to Office Depot and Costco. Then home to clean the house, spray paint my "C" with chalk board paint

laundry, fixing a leaky pipe in the laundry room, answering emails. I am supposed to be out on the town right now with my girls but at the last minute things didn't work out for a number of reasons so I opted out. Instead I have decided to say home and get large number of bracelets done as I have to have inventory ready for Monday.

First Puerto Vallarta Art Walk of the season starts on Wednesday and I get to be in a gallery! I am very very excited and so thankful to my friends for supporting my work!

The end of this week ended up in the toilet, I am so freaking sick of dealing with crazy people. My client (the buyer) flew down from Canada on Thursday afternoon for a Friday closing, only to have the seller have a nervous breakdown and decide that day not to sell his house. He then proceed to lock himself in his house and not take phone calls. I am a little beside myself about the situation and not sure where to go from here. I feel horrible for my client but who could have predicted that Mr. Seller would have a nervous breakdown 24 hours before signing. For some reason this kind of stuff seems to always happen to me. On top of it all this means that after 4 months of work..........I don't get paid.......super shitty! One of the reasons I am home on a Saturday night working and not out on the town.

I didn't see much of my boyfriend this week as we have both been really busy, so I thouht maybe tonight we could have a quiet dinner and hang out, but he had other plans. he is at someones house party tonight, he assures he will be in tip top shape to go to Sayulita in the morning to spend the day at the beach. We shall see! I am up bright and early to print business cards.

Things are coming together slowly but coming together none the less!!! Thanks so all my new wonderful clients who purchased pieces from me last week! I hope you are throughly enjoying them!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!



  1. Chantel- i love the new business venture, thats awesome you are doing it down there! I also love your business cards!

  2. What is with CRAZY sellers. We had a deal on Thursday to buy a place for Dani and the boys. Set to sign papers on Friday and the same thing happened--they decided not to sell. Are you kidding me!! I feel sooo badly for Dani and frustrated. I really, really feel for you Chantel----love you, girl.