Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yes, I would like to report that is is once again POURING rain in Vallarta. It rained all night lastnight and it's pouring again. Normally I love the rain, but this year everything is sooooooo humid which equals mold. I am trying to pack for my trip north but with all this rain it looks like I WILL BE TAKING WET CLOTHES. Antonio washed some clothes at my house and hung them to dry last took 3 days for them to dry......then he said he wore them to the gym, as soon as he started working out the sour humid smell came out........YUCK! I am tired of the rain for that reason, everyting stinks. Speaking of Rain, we have had so much rain that this happened on Monday

Yeah that would be our only bridget to get to Nayarit where I have 3 deals going on right now.........So at this point and time things are moving slow!!!

Going to hit the showers and head to the movies with Anotnio, eat some junk and zone out for a few hours! Good Saturday night!!!


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  1. That is crazy!! I saw that on the news too, I guess I didn't realize how much it would affect you all there... yikes!! Stay safe!