Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Morning From The Northwest!

Well it's 50 degrees and raining this fine Sunday morning! I am back in the Northwest for a few weeks visiting friends and family. Had a wonderful bbq last night with my aunt and uncle (on my moms side) and Marc, Gavin and Keslie and her folks. It was so good to see everyone and have a few laughs, my stomach hurts this morning from laughing!!!

Auntie M and Uncle Eve are packing up to head back to Walla Walla, it was so nice of them to drive all the way up here to see me for a few days. I am going to spend the morning working on jewelry, then we are going to the city in the afternoon to test drive a new truck my dad found.

So much for a lazy Sunday!! Hope everyone is well!!!!

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  1. Hi Chantel... came here from blog frog. Off to read your old posts.