Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I’m grateful for a new day, every day! I am grateful for children. They are untainted and are always smiling. I’m grateful for my family especially my siblings. I'm grateful for a good job! A job period! I am grateful for my animalitos who always know when I am feeling blue, and do their best to get me out of it. Luz kneaded my head last night for about 1/2 an hour while I was falling asleep. Also to Chantel for reminding me that I am cabrona! I am grateful for the gift of life and the joys and sorrows that it brings.....I am grateful that I know how to give & receive the greatest gift of all.....LOVE! I am grateful for the dance! I am grateful for my family and true friends who have stood by me through all of life's twists and turns. Most importantly I am grateful to have a God who is all loving and forgiving. I am grateful to my angels and spirit guides, they know what for! I am so thankful for my Health; it’s a real eye opener when one of your best friend is battling cancer. My family who is always there when I need them, also, my friends who are always there for me. You said it all right there Lori! Life has its up and downs and it is so wonderful to have loving family and friends there for the ride! I am grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful son. He brightens my day... Every day!!! I'm grateful for my Mom, she drives me crazy sometimes but she is always there when I need her and when I don’t. She rocks! I am grateful for being able to listen to my children’s voices as they are laughing and having fun xx I am grateful for my boys. When I was 19, the doctor told me I would probably never be able to have kids, so they are definitely a blessing! They are the best thing in my world! I am grateful to the universe for bringing me exactly where I am supposed to be, working next to Chantel every day. I´m grateful for so many family, where I live, my great friends, my job...but today specifically - for the smile on my face :) I'm grateful that I' so happy! I am grateful for life and everything that brings to us. I am grateful for each day, each breath. I have the opportunity to start fresh with each inhale. And when the sun breaks each morning, I have yet another opportunity for an amazing day. I am thankful for my loving husband, my great family and all my wonderful friends that make me so happy everyday! I am grateful for endless possibilities. Amen to endless possibilities...I am feeling open to change! And I am grateful for my nephews, the two coolest humans on the planet. I'm grateful for my friends. They are family. Health! I am grateful that my kids will grow up in a safe and loving community. Family, friends & the simple things.....:) I ♥ u Chan!!! My babies! I am grateful for everything that is wonderful in my life, most of all my little family!!!

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