Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy in my loneliness

It's been a long time since I have blogged and my last blog was very emotional for me. I miss Andrea more now than I did when I wrote that blog, but she is doing very well in Montreal and has even met a very nice boy. I am happy for her, I know she struggled with the decision and things still aren't that easy for her, especially when she leaves MSN messenger open on her moms computer!!! Ok Ange, that goes down in the goober girl hall of fame!

As for me, I feel a bit lonely right now, longing for familiar people and places, longing for the warm summer nights back home sitting around camp fires with family and friend, laughing until my stomach hurts. Beers on the back deck after work, but most of all I just really miss having someone in my life. Someone to eat meals with, someone to talk to my day about someone to encourage me, someone to be my cheerleader, someone to hug me, someone to be proud of my for my accomplishments, someone to grab me and hug me, someone to crawl in to bed with at night, someone to kill that big spider when I just can't do it. Life for me right now is filled with so many great things to be grateful for, so much love and abundance but I really feel like I am missing someone.........I miss most the physical touch of this person, I crave the simplicity of touch, interaction with someone. It seems when we have this we take it for granted, I know I did in the past.............but in my future when I do meet this person it is one thing I will never take for granted~! I will look back on this time and remember these seemingly hot lonely summer nights in Mexico and remember that they are what has brought me to be who and where I am.

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  1. This is beautiful. And, I definitely relate with you. What an incredible experience you are living, but how much better would it be to experience it with the person you love! But, like you said, the next time you find that special one you won't take him for granted. Some people always do, and this is one of the biggest mistakes in life. So anyhow, enjoy the moment you are in right now, you should be VERY proud for the experiences you've created. And know that things always work out in the end...and if it hasn't worked out, then it's not the end.