Sunday, January 1, 2012

New years eve mexican-texas-washington style

I had a super quiet New Years party at my house!  In wonderful Mexican fashion everyone showed up about 7 minutes before midnight, we all ran up to the roof top and rang in the near year with 25 minutes worth of fireworks from north to south in the bay!  It was spectacular!  After we hugged and wished each other happy new year we then headed down to the Malecon walking!  It was packed!!  Ryan tried fried crickets from Oaxaca......Shonda had corn in a cup and the rest of us drank our dinners!!!!  Today was supposed to have been a beach day but due to the fact that I have to stock the gallery tomorrow and someone on Saturday decided to steal a bag of merchandise from me at the market yesterday (Karma is a bitch and they will be paid back!) so I now have spent the majority of the day working and will work into the night and early tomorrow so I can get it all done before my folks arrive to PV on Tuesday!  Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!  Here's to a great 2012

We hit the Malecon for a few drinks and to check out the party!

Ryan at fried crickets and Shonda at Corn in a Cup! 
The crew on the Malecon taking it all in!

View from my house, look at all the boats on the water!!!
Mobile party!!
The line outside of an OXXO to get drinks!!!

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  1. Looks like a fun new years! Did you eat 12 grapes as well? (Mexican tradition for good luck for the coming year!)